6 Things to Consider to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Tips for Selling Your Home

Prior to setting up your market evaluation appointment to discuss listing strategy, here are a few things you can do to prepare for a speedy sale. 

Repairs - Take care of easily fixed repairs that may be potential red flags for buyers. Common quick fixes include repairing drywall, repainting walls, caulking cracks, and oiling hinges.

Declutter - Take this opportunity to get rid of seldom used items that are cluttering up your home. Remember, it costs to move them so now is the time to remove them.

Start Packing - Store out-of-season clothing, sports gear and small appliances you know you won't need before the move. Too much stuff crammed into cupboards and closets will make your home seem small.

Downsize Furniture - Consider removing extra or large pieces of furniture that make your home look smaller. You may want to stage specific rooms to highlight potential uses for the space.

Depersonalize - Pack away family photos, collectibles and any other personal items. It's important to make your home a "blank canvas" for potential buyers to imagine themselves in.

Check Curb Appeal - Plant new plants and colorful annuals along walks and in containers, and remove any debris or clutter from around your home. Many buyers preview a home from the outside before deciding whether or not to schedule a showing.